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About Our Members

Members of the Association of Transformational Leaders Australia are leaders in their field and are composed of CEOs, trainers, facilitators, thought leaders, authors, movie producers and directors, and coaches. Members are focused on transformational leadership and deliver their work in the world through workshops, trainings, seminars, books, films, speaking engagements, coaching sessions, TV and radio shows, and special events.


Founding Member

Bill Bennett is an author, producer and award winning filmmaker, producer and director of feature films and documentaries. Here in Australia he’s won the equivalent of the Oscar (Australian Film Institute Award) for Best Film and Best Director, and been nominated a further 12 times. His documentary work has been awarded two Logies, Australian television’s highest award.

He’s had two feature films in Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard) and four feature films in Official Selection at Toronto. He’s won Best Picture at Karlovy Vary, Palm Springs and Hawaii film festivals. His work has screened at the New York Museum of Modern Art, and he’s had three major film retrospectives, in Germany, the US and India. As well, Penguin Random House has just finished publishing his trilogy of Young Adult novels Palace of Fires, one of its largest selling Australian YA titles in years. https://www.billbennett.com.au/


Founding Member

Ben is the Executive Director of UNITY EARTH, a global network building a worldwide movement for unity and peace.

In 2006, he and his wife, Jildou, moved to Thailand to volunteer along the Thai-Burma border. In 2008, they founded Blood Foundation together, a NGO focusing on education projects. In 2008, Ben founded Monk for a Month in Chiang Mai offering men and women the opportunity to experience Thai temple life and temporary ordination. https://www.evolutionaryleaders.net/leaders/bbowler


Founding Member

Julie Ann Cairns’ life mission is to empower people to live an abundant life free from false beliefs.

In this spirit, she wrote The Abundance Code: How to Bust The 7 Money Myths For A Rich Life Now (Hay House, September 2015), and has spearheaded The Abundance Code Documentary (released worldwide in June 2016) to help people everywhere make a shift to the abundance mindset and seek joint solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our planet. http://theabundancecodebook.com/


Founding Member ATL Australia

Jack Canfield is the co-author of the New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ® which has sold more than 500 million copies in 47 languages.

Jack is also the co-author of The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Dare to Win, The Aladdin Factor, The Power of Focus and The Key to Living the Law of Attraction. He is also a featured teacher in the movie "The Secret".

He is the Founder and CEO of The Canfield Training Group in Santa Barbara, California, which trains entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders and motivated individuals how to accelerate the achievement of their personal and professional goals.

He has been seen by millions of viewers on television shows such as "Oprah," "Montel," "Larry King Live," "The Today Show," "Fox and Friends," and "Inside Edition." As the founder of the TLC worldwide, its a privilege to have Jack be part of ATL Australia.



Founding Member ATL Australia

Tony Carew is a transformational facilitator who is deeply committed to serving humanity. His holistic approach to transformation is grounded in biological science, spirited by existential philosophy and drawn from his own experience in life. His way of being in the world enables him to work from the intuitive domain creating a conversational space of trust, co-creation and inspiration disclosing new worlds of opportunity, optimism and change with those he shares space and time with. https://www.liberatedleaders.com.au/


Founding Member

Hayley Carr is a 9 X Karate World Champion, vintage vespa-riding, country-dwelling, tea enthusiast, in the business of happiness. A Life, Love, Leadership & Business Coach based on a farm on the East Coast of Australia, Hayley is on a mission to end violence against women through teaching feminine leadership, financial empowerment and environmental and emotional sustainability in high pressure, and high-achievement focused circumstances.

Her transformational mindset work through her events, courses, and coaching creates powerful, resourceful, and authentic leaders, creating rapid, lasting changes, and impossible results.

You can find her anywhere there is a nice view, with a cup of tea in hand - or, in her love-letters to super freaks from https://hayleycarr.tv/join-hayley-carrs-community, and on Instagram @hayleycarr.t


Founding Member

Lee-Anne Carson has an impressive range of expertise and experience in catalyzing growth and opportunities across the commercial and educational sector.

She has the unique ability to respond to the immediate growth needs of organizations while at the same understanding the larger market influences at play which need to be accounted for in the implementation of any longer-term growth strategy.

Her commitment to her own professional development has seen her at the forefront of innovative new business opportunities and start-ups across a range of industries both as founder and as key founding team

member. https://www.buildingangels.com.au/team/leeanne-carson


Founding Member

Tom spent 26 years as a broker in finance trading inflation swaps and bonds for the banks. He recently walked away from the industry at the height of his career to fulfill his mission of spreading calm and stillness across the globe. He discovered meditation in the early stages of his career in finance as a tool for stress management.

Tom’s experiences through the meditation were not only immediate but very profound. He explored deeper and deeper into the realms of his meditation practice and after studying advanced courses in Bali, India and Australia, he qualified as a Meditation Teacher.

Today, Tom is on a mission. He has an unwavering commitment to reducing stress and chaos in people’s lives, cultivating peace, calm and shared abundance across the globe, and assisting in the planetary shift that is already taking place. Using multiple streams from film, online, retreats, blogs, books, and personal mentoring, he hopes to inspire 1 billion people to sit in Stillness daily and connect with their inner Being and transcending the barriers of separation



Founding Member

Lily Cubrilo has been involved in facilitating learning and leading change for over 28 years. Starting in the field of personal transformation (and still loving this cornerstone way of working with individuals) her own journey began with a life changing event that led her to a process of self-discovery. Her passion for unleashing the individual potential and challenging herself to grow has never abated.

Her work has expanded to include the full gamut of organisational work – including SME’s in earlier days – whilst today focussing on larger businesses both national and global in the recognition that these ecosystems are key vehicles for healthy and thriving communities.

Much of her work over the last 15 years has been targeted to supporting leaders of organisations to see and think differently, tap into their own sense of purpose and wisdom and lead their teams and organisations into uncertain futures with greater flexibility, adaptability, sustainability and success at all levels. https://acumenglobalpartners.com/who-we-are/partners-associates/lily-cubrilo/


Founding Member

Affectionately known as The Widow Whisperer, Denise Dielwart developed the F.L.O.W Method, as a simple yet powerful coaching tool for quickly going from heartache to happiness. Denise has coached hundreds of clients widows bringing grief relief to widows in the first week using the F.L.O.W

Method. https://www.livingbeyondgriefandloss.com/


Founding Member Programming Council

Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic Physician, Anthroposophic Naturopath, International Speaker and Best Selling Author. For 25 years she’s treated 1000’s of patients globally with Ayurveda healing wisdom and anthroposophical medicine.

She’s the founder of Conscious Woman Rising and The Wisdom Circle, holistic practitioner mentorship trainings, wellness courses and programs.

Dipika works therapeutically with Mantra and Sacred Sound as the original and medicine of our future. Integrating and bridging physical and spiritual sciences for embodied healing potential.

Dipika is in service to the renewal of ancient healing mysteries and healing the divine feminine in each of us and our planet.



Founding Member Steering Council Chair

International Child Empowerment Mentor and trusted confidante, Cathy Domoney introduces children, and parents to the power of regaining control over their inner-dialogue and transforming it into a powerful mindset which sets them up for success.

Children are facing increasing pressures, and challenges both in their school and social lives. Through her ‘Positive Mindset for Kids,’ book series, and her Private Mentoring Practice, Cathy helps children to regain control over negative self-talk and begin to program their mind for inner confidence and success.

Cathy mentors children, and their families, internationally through her ‘Decode Your Child’s Genius’ programme and has over 20 years’ experience in the self-development arena. She uses her wealth of knowledge on self-esteem and confidence work with all ages to present the complex issues involved in successfully navigating through childhood in a simple and accessible way which empowers all who work with her.

Cathy Domoney’s mission is to expand minds, connect hearts, and start important conversations between young people, and the people in their worlds, positioning them as future leaders.

For Cathy’s ‘Positive Mindset for Kids’ book series click here: https://cathydomoney.com/books/

For the exclusive ‘Decode Your Child’s Genius’ intensive and to apply to work with Cathy herself, click here: www.decodeyourchildsgenius.com


Founding Member

Alongside her focus on the expansion of transformation via 90Degrees Global, offering Money & You, the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs & Excellerated Curriculum, Ryll works with select, private clients via ‘Strategy Intensives’ – getting business owners CRYSTAL CLEAR on where they want to be in 3-5 years and, exactly how to get there faster and more easily than they ever thought possible! https://ryllburgindoyle.com/


Founding Member

Through my business Terri Frost Consulting, I have worked across many industries with hundreds of people, helping them to realise the value they bring. I like to call it a ‘conversant consultancy’; as we listen, collaborate and provide feedback, we all learn.

I am typically engaged to design programs and coach executives to facilitate growth in themselves, their teams and help them meet their strategic business objectives.

Working with leaders to develop their capabilities and build trust within their teams can be achieved through group sessions and workshops, coaching or mentoring or a combination. I tailor my programs using a flexible and creative approach, to best meet the needs of the client and deliver in ways that will work best for them. https://www.terrifrostconsulting.com.au/


Founding Member

Tammy Guest is a business mentor, Naturopath, Author, Speaker and creator of The Naturpreneur Movement which was founded on her belief that all natural health practitioners can not only hone in on their healing craft, but run thriving practices, in alignment with their natural gifts and talents, which in turn will create an exponential ripple of health over the globe.

Tammy’s mission is to amplify practitioners value so they in turn activate change for their clients, themselves and the world, creating an abundant and joyful lifestyle for their family in the process. https://www.tammyguest.com/


Founding Member

A serial entrepreneur of six successful retail and non-profit organisations in 18 years, Samuel grew up in Melbourne before moving to Japan & the USA to expand his opportunities. He brings a wealth of innovative knowledge and leadership to Kingdom Developments. https://www.kingdomdevelopments.com.au/


Founding Member

Kate Helder is a social entrepreneur with a genuine interest in health and wellbeing. With over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and project management, Kate is committed to create a greater awareness of the mind, body link and EFT (Tapping) to the broader community.

Since launching Mind Heart Connect in 2017, the universe has forged a path ensuring the delivery of these much needed emotional self-regulation tools, to some of the most remote regions of Australia. https://katehelder.com/


Founding Member Steering Council

Naomi Janzen is a certified Expert EFT and Energy Psychology practitioner and one of a select number of trainers for EFT Universe and Evidence-Based EFT for Clinicians. She works with clients from all over the world in her private practice while running workshops to train and mentor practitioners in Australia, the USA and Europe.

Having come to Tapping over a decade ago when she successfully used the self-help form of EFT to end her own situational depression in under a week, Naomi became determined to learn as much as possible about the techniques and the science behind them in order to best help others achieve their own life-changing results. Drawing on her previous 25 years career as a television writer and producer in Los Angeles, she wrote and co-produced the documentary film The Science of Tapping in 2018.

In addition to Tapping, Naomi is dedicated to mindfulness and meditation and strives to further that cause through a number of channels. She is the creator of Remindfulness, an app that has appeared on top ten lists from Positive Psychology to Glamour magazine, as well as co-founder and co-host at One Mind Live, a guided tapping and meditation website.

In addition to authoring forthcoming books Tapping Out of Depression (Even When You Barely Care Enough to Try) and Ace Your Breakup (Tap Through it With Your Heart, Sanity and Dignity Intact), she recently acted as Consulting Producer on experiential documentary feature film about the power of meditation by Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer, The Portal.



Founding Member

Promoter of the Money & You® Program, the world’s longest running entrepreneurship program, producing some of the world’s most successful social entrepreneurs, including Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Spencer Johnson and many more.

100% committed to making the world work for everyone in the shortest space of time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage to anyone.


Founding Member

Natalie Ledwell is a bestselling author, host of The Inspiration Show, co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP, host of the podcast, Not Over, Just Different, and founder of Mind Movies, the hugely successful and revolutionary online Personal Development company that has reached over 5.8 million people worldwide.

Right now, she is working on her brand new groundbreaking school curriculum entitled, “Personal Growth Studies”, which is designed to teach youth from ages 5-18 years foundational life lessons like Gratitude, Meditation, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Compassion, Self Esteem and setting strong Personal Standards just to name a few.

In October 2018, Natalie traveled to Liberia, where she met with government officials and launched the first pilot program of Personal Growth Studies, working with 16 teachers and 500 students. Currently, her sights are set on infiltrating the US Education System in 2019 with New Zealand and Australia following closely behind.




Founding Member

In 2003 Robyn Lynch decided that she would train as a Yoga teacher.

Not to teach, just to learn.

But then the universe had different ideas and shunted her into the life of a Yogi. In 2005, the plot thickened and she was guided to study Ayurveda – the science of life.

The Perfect Health Centre is her third centre and the place she calls her Ayurvedic home.

ROBYN LYNCH GLOBAL offers transformational programs combining the best of ancient medicine and modern research.

It provides the tools to reclaim your life. https://www.robynlynchglobal.com/


Founding Member

Laurent is a visionary leader with 25 years of experience in business, a strong performance focus and a growth-driven management style. Strategic finance advisor with a strong commercial acumen. Resourceful lateral thinker with a creative approach to new challenges. Proven ability to create substantial shareholder value by successfully restructuring multiple businesses. Passionate business development leader who builds strong relationships.

Laurent is a relationship builder, strategic thinker, passionate, creative and tenacious. His passion & focus is enabling social impact through entrepreneurship and business. https://www.successfulbusinesssolutions.com.au/


Founding Member

Sarah McCrum is an author and educator who is expanding consciousness about money by running courses and workshops based on her book: Love Money. Money Loves You.

In her earlier life she graduated from Cambridge University in UK and for 10 years she specialised in interviewing children for BBC Radio. She trained for 22 years with Chinese Energy Masters and spent 20 years coaching business owners and leaders in Australia, UK, USA and beyond.

She also teaches on The Shift Network and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and in 2019 she taught over 10,000 people how to transform their relationship with money. She now lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. https://sarahmccrum.com/


Founding Member

Fiona has taught thousands of people over the last 10 years through her Stand Up Comedy Course to connect to their wonderful unique humour style with extraordinary results.

Most people don’t really work on their sense of humour, but it’s like any other muscle – you can stretch it, grow it, understand it and make it stronger – and it will in turn make you stronger and better equipped to deal with life’s many challenges.




Founding Member

Pauline is and Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Spiritual Entrepreneur. She is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs… but with difference.

She is inspiration with substance. She speaks with warmth and humour, telling her own story of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. She has a high performing western business background combined with an eastern slant of spirituality. Pauline is the owner of Red Lantern – The Most Awarded Vietnamese Restaurant in the World and the recipient of the prestigious Australia Telstra Business Award for Medium Businesses.

Pauline is a best-selling author of the critically acclaimed Secrets of the Red Lantern and The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneurwhich recently won Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year.

She is an original Rare Bird – Australia’s Top 50 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs,l and is included in Blackwell, Hobday, Scott’s global recognition of ‘200 women who will change the way you view the world.’

Pauline has overcome adverse beginnings to transform her approach to success by re-engineering her beliefs, questioning the status quo and hacking cultural norms. Pauline’s unique life experiences have given her a distinctive insight into the minds of individuals and businesses alike, allowing her to pass on the invaluable skills of self-mastery, courage, resilience and grit. Pauline says “If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.”




Founding Member

Scott is a highly regarded Relationship Strategist Coach and speaker.

Scott works with clients to help them bring out their best in themselves as the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself – The more successful your relationship is with yourself the more successful it will be with everyone else including life.

He is passionate about relationships and teaching clients how to use the power of the mind to attract happiness, wealth and abundance. His fascination with human behaviour has led him to study, research and use effective techniques to eliminate negative belief systems and change peoples lives forever.



Founding Member

Sue Papadoulis is a former journalist who’s always had an interest in good news and the power of positivity. Sue’s desire to make a positive difference has led to the creation of the Good News Movement (www.thegoodnewsmovement.com) which is a platform to share positive content and demonstrate to the media that there is an audience for good news.

She also runs the national PR firm, Profile Media (www.profilemedia.com.au), where she employs former results-driven journalists. Her clients are carefully selected for their shared values and a mission to change the world for the better.

Her belief is that there is an audience for positive content, and there are many more positive things happening in the world than negative. If you could join a movement that inspired a change in the way news is reported so there is more positivity would you join it?


Founding Member

Melissa is Australia’s Leading Break thru Life Coach, Author and Empowering Trainer of NLP Life Coaches. Melissa has coached many leading executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, authors and at home mums from around the world! You will be transformed and inspired and life will never be the same!

Melissa has assisted thousands of people world wide to activate the power of their unconscious mind and END SABOTAGE and start living their dream life via her corporate and personal coaching, speaking, CDs, teleconferences and Books.



Founding Member

Pete is a Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach as well as the CEO of Humanity in Business transforming leadership in business. The desire to create a better world fuels the dreams and actions of many. Pete flourishes inside and out from his chosen vocation. From Budapest to Peru, he criss-crosses the globe training people to deal with pressure cooker moments, and resource themselves from inner wisdom. He has a laconic, disarming way about him, and his approach is a blend of brain science and mindfulness.

The responsibility of leadership is alive in Pete and he says outer success is nice but something deeper calls him. He is a blacksmith to his own evolution, having wrought iron conversations with himself:” who am I, what am I to do with this one and precious life?”, he melts himself first, allowing what is deep and true to glisten.

Pete believe most people have the answers they need for the problems they want to solve, he just asks the right questions to get to the bottom of it. The answer is always within. He travels the world facilitating choice and change for individuals and organisations, and wants to share what he’s learned for everyone committed to making a difference, for change.



Founding Member

Associate Professor Peta Stapleton is a clinical/health psychologist at Bond University, Australia, and embraces evidence-based practice and is passionate about new and innovative techniques. Peta is known for her food cravings research using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘Tapping’, and has led a world first study investigating the impact of tapping in the brain through a functional MRI study.

Peta has been recognised with the Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research in energy psychology, the Global Weight Management Congress Industry Professional Award of Excellence, and the greatest contribution to the field of Energy Psychology.

Most recently she was named the Gold Coast Business Woman Innovation and Technology winner for her application of EFT in the online space. Peta’s most recent book The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body (Hay House, 2019) was the Award

Winner in the Self-Help: General category of the 2019 Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest.


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